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We are refocusing so we can achieve more through measurable efforts

About two years ago when the pandemic started it was clear that remote work and studying was going to play a big part in our lives. We had to rethink remote learning and how we work, but @Codeimpact we already had a process that was working.

All our teams are fully remote and we already understood how to run remote, cohort-based learning that is project and outcome based.

How we are changing

Though we were focussed on the early childhood age bracket(Primary schools predominantly), our focus now is shifting to high school and university graduates that would like to secure a job in the budding tech space but lack the skills to secure one.

We shall double down on the age group from 18-35 and focus on making sure our cohort graduates are ready to contribute on engineering teams around the world.

If you are high school graduate and you want to pursue tech as a career, if you have finished university but feel a mismatch between the skills you gained at school and what the job market expects, if you are already working but feel the desire to switch to a tech career, we have your back!

Geographical location is no longer a barrier in todays tech world where according to Andela’s developer survey 2022, 70% of African software engineers are working remotely.

Andela Developer survey 2022

Early childhood education is a space where we shall continue to operate but more in a community building perspective so we can continue to offer tech as an option that the kids can pursue as a career but also build a pipeline for CodeImpact.

The 6-17 year olds are the 21-35 year olds of tomorrow anyway. We shall achieve this through our tech mentorship and community out reach programs that we do in primary and secondary schools.

Why are we refocussing?

It makes sense and it is important to us that we have a direct and clear outcome which is skill acquisition that leads to jobs in tech space. This is not clear in the early childhood space because of the age limitation and also regular school is still a very big part of their lives. 

How do we achieve this?

We shall run cohort-based online programs that will typically run for 4 months + and from day one all the learners will be clear on what the outcomes are for both soft and technical skills.

Our cohort graduates will have built a portfolio of projects that they can showcase to potential employers thus increasing their chances of landing a tech job.

When do we start?

Our first cohort will begin Mid June. Watch this space for the schedule and if you are interested in learning more, we have a workshop to discuss all this at UICT Nakawa on the 23rd of May 2022. Details will follow in subsequent comms. See you all there! Our DMS are open as well. Reach out!

Alex Shyaka
Founder CodeImpact

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