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The power of reaching out – My desire to build a community around a free learning resource for everyone to learn how to code.

On Friday, I reached out to Quincy Larson a person that I greatly admire. He is the founder and creator of freecodecamp, a free learning resource built around the notion of making a difference in people’s lives. Quincy believes in the power of open source technologies and the power of a community with a common goal. Listening to his story of how he started fuelled a fire that has been burning inside me for a while now. The desire to build a learning resource that anyone can have access to and learn how to code.

Freecodecamp is an open learning platform for anyone to fork out and change as they so wish to suite their own setting. I know this might sound geeky, but it is not. He has done the hard work already and given it out for free and for anyone to build upon and tweak for their own good. I use it in my coding sessions with children that I conduct during the holidays and I plan to use it in the coding clubs that I’m setting up in schools next semester.

Quincy-Larson and daughter

Anyway, I reached out to him and told him about my intention to make it my own and tweak it to suite my coding clubs in Uganda. The main purpose is to translate it into the local languages and make some changes to the guide to fit into our African setting. He was quick to give me all the resources that I need to achieve my purpose. That’s just one example of the power of asking for what you need. You will be amazed at how much positive response you will get. The ball is in my court now and the journey begins to reach my potential. I can only be limited by my imagination.

Another opportunity through asking Michael Hartl  a renowned author of the popular( must read for everyone ),ruby on rails tutorial, who gave me access to all his learning resources from the learn enough society. I could not believe my luck. The amount of content in the resource is amazing. I also use it for my own learning and as a reference guide for my coding sessions. All I did was spare a couple of minutes to tell why the resource would mean a lot to me if I had access to it. The only barrier was the price which I couldn’t afford at the time.

As we go along our lives trying to achieve our goals please dare to ask for what you need to move your cause forward. The worst that can happen is the other person saying no. Be blessed and have a good week and DARE TO ASK!.

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