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I love to learn new things especially when they are technology related, I always like to be informed and keep on top of the game. This could be for a couple of reasons, sometimes it could be the desire to want to sound intelligent when with peers or even to professionally keep abreast of things. In technology things change a lot and if you don’t keep up your knowledge becomes obsolete.

I have been pushing myself a lot these days and making a lot of sacrifices to try to put life in perspective and also make some lifestyle changes that I know will definitely pay off eventually.

I’m determined to keep the course and block out the little noises that keep saying you won’t make it, you’re going to fail, this won’t last. Is it easy? Of course it is. I’m actually I’m surprised how easy it is. Just kidding! It is hard very hard, especially in this social media age where everyone leaves their lives on Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram. They make life seem like it is one big party. Very easy to fall for the bait.

Climbing stairs
Don’t stop and get complacent. Always strive to get better

I’m saying all this because if you are going to go beyond the advanced beginner stage you have to do more; you have to get out of your comfort zone, you have to push yourself beyond what you have ever contemplated you could do.

You must be wondering what the advanced beginner stage even means. Let me help you out. It is when you just know or do enough to get by. You could even go through your entire career just doing enough to get by. But why? I really believe a life leaved to the fullest is a life where we do a little bit more than we are expected to.

I find it extremely fulfilling when I do work for a client and they are shocked at how much effort I put in to produce good work. Believe me it is very easy to surprise Ugandans because we are used to mediocre work and it has become part of us.

I challenge you this year to push yourself, to offer more, to do more than you are expected to do. People will start to notice and before you know it your work will be heavily sought after and you will be well paid for it.

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