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Fear makes you never start,fear kills confidence and instills low self esteem. Overcoming fear makes you stronger and builds confidence and enhances your ability to achieve your set goals. Fear can manifest itself in so many ways, it can manifest itself in preparation, in procrastination in making excuses and always waiting for that time when everything is aligned in your favor to make a move.
Believe me that time will never come. The time to act is NOW and remember time is a non-renewable resource, once its gone its gone forever.

In my personal experiences I wake up fearful sometimes. Fearful that Im going to disappoint people I have promised to deliver to, fearful that I might not be good enough to take on a project. At the railsshop I train kids how to code and their parents entrust me with their most treasured children and have huge expectation from the program. The pressure can be overwhelming sometimes but you have to keep on going and constantly learning from your mistakes and improving yourself.

Use your fear as fuel to move forward

Feel the fear appreciate it and acknowledge its presence and then act consciously against it. I believe one step forward is to really be aware of your own feelings and take charge of them. Like I said above, acting subconsciously and hiding in preparation and excuses will only act to stall your progress and eat into your non-renewable resource which is TIME!!.

Naturally fear is there to protect ourselves and it can be good if used well. When confronted with the risk of of physical bodily danger, fear keeps you alert and ready to defend yourself. So even in our self improvement en devours, fear creeps in and makes us risk averse and keeps us in preparation mode when we should be acting and executing on our plans.
The moral of the lesson here really is to learn to use fear to work for you and not against you, to appreciate and acknowledge and not succumb to it all the time.

While I write this I’m full of fear to let go of a lot of junk in the trunk that has been part of my life for a long time. Habits that you feel you don’t have the strength to let go. It’s like loosing a body part or something. But I appreciate and I’m aware that the only way is to confront the fear and concur it, and I’m willing to make that step without any excuses.

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