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I continue to commit and stay focused- Developing good habits

One month ago I committed to staying dry(off alcohol) , working out at-least 3 days a week, stay smoke free(been about 6 1/2 months now), eating healthier,improve my relationships(especially with my mother), journal-ling every morning, coding everyday and committing to my church. I have faulted but I have also made some significant life style changes. One might think this is too much to take on, but surprisingly it is not as bad as one could imagine.

The power of small baby steps is an amazing thing. The feeling of immense temptation is also very real, but that’s how your resilience muscle gets hardened. Being able to say NO when everything in your system is saying YES is not an easy thing to do. It is achievable though. Everyday we are surrounded by temptations that make us take action on impulse. You have to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable sometimes.

The feeling of seeing real actual tangible results is extremely gratifying and very motivating to keep you going when the body is telling you to give up. One thing that I have realized is, being able to kick one bad habit creates a ripple effect of I can do it attitude which manifests in your other parts of your life. Kicking a 23 year old smoking habit generally gave me the strength to change other areas of my life. I felt like I could challenge myself further.

The power of being accountable is also very crucial. I write about my experiences because by doing that I become accountable to my readers. It helps because people watch you and how you live your life especially when you open about it.

Struggling with your commitments should not make you feel demoralized, just take it as another challenge to overcome. It does not mean you are a failure. It only means you are not yet there. The reward is in the journey and not the end in itself. Learn to enjoy the process and the results will take care of themselves.

I have woken up many times when I feel like I should stay in bed all day, but the power of commitment keeps me going. Getting a journey partner with similar goals is also a good strategy. Walking down a lonely path is very depressing. Reach out to people. You will be surprised how many people are willing to also change with you.

Today my mum is happier because I call her at-least once a week, I used to spend months. My health has greatly improved, and I’m more productive in my work, because I feel more energetic due to exercising. I joined bible study so my relationship with GOD has improved. I’m enjoying the journey, the bad times will come and pass. The attitude of gratitude will continue to fuel my journey. The realization that everyday, hour by hour decisions are the building blocks of the person I want to be is liberating.

Today I re-commit to staying the course and even refine where I have faulted. I pledge to keep acquiring good habits that change my life and others around me. I know it is not easy but it is not meant to be. That’s why we do it, to challenge ourselves, to be better.

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