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Simple goals combined with consistency and clarity for 2018.

To avoid burn out don’t set over the top goals that will drain all your energy at the beginning. I believe that when you ease into it you are most likely going to hit your goals by years end. We tend to easily just follow the crowd and set outrageous goals when the year is beginning. They don’t work in most cases.

Beginning of 2017 I was charged to make a difference in quite a number of aspects of my life and I must say I did well in some and did miserably in others. I will recommit this year but this time, much more refined and clearer. I set out to start sharing a lot more and this blog was born. I know I have not been as consistent as I should be but I started anyway and I’m still here getting better everyday.

I also set out to be healthier through exercising a lot more and watching what I eat. I failed a lot more in this regard but needless to say I also moved the needle in the right direction. I have generally lost a bit of weight but not to the level that I had set out to achieve. This year I’m a little bit more ambitious with this goal and I have already set out a plan of execution.

As far as family relationships, I did pretty well and getting better everyday. I’m definitely much more in touch with my mum and our relationship has greatly improved. I wrote a lot more in detail about this here.

Our work of digitizing education through the edutab and Mwalimu tab has grown tremendously and continues to reach out to more schools and homes. Through our coding club at Therailsshop we have made huge steps in delivering coding classes for kids 11 + years and continue to grow our numbers and most importantly our impact.

I came across an amazing website where I dump my thoughts every morning. This is probably one of my biggest achievements, keeping a diary. It helps to dump your thoughts in one place and kind of dislodge yourself from them and look at them from a distance. Helps me to put a lot more context to them.

Something that I can’t put a finger on tells me that this year is going to be epic. I feel like I have prepared better and I’m in better mental shape to take on what I have set out to achieve. I think not having to travel to the village to celebrate the holidays helped a lot to get me in preparation mode for the challenges ahead. Naturally we tend to over indulge during this period and by the time the year begins we are fatigued and unmotivated to get started again. I feel different this time. We shall see how this puns out.

I have really kept my goals simple, and they go as follows:

  • I will double down on building a community of web developers,through delivering coding sessions to underserved communities. Through partnerships with other stakeholders, Therailsshop will set up coding camps in slums and many other under privileged communities. We believe talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not. We shall do our bit to bridge the gap.


  • Through my work at the TODIDEA, I will continue to tweak and improve a system that will deliver quality ICT clubs in schools across the country and not forgetting the teacher through the mwalimu tab.


  • Our bodies are the vehicles that keep us going in order to achieve our aspirations and boy do we mistreat them. I have a target weight and it is 85kgs; their it is I said it. Considering my work involves a lot of sitting, I have put together a plan of physical activity that I will stick to rain or shine.


  • Let’s not kids ourselves, no one gets paid until something is sold. I pledge to get out of the building more and put myself in as many uncomfortable positions as possible to let the public know about our products and the value they offer. Comfort zones are places of death not growth.

I will keep my goals as simple as that and tweak whenever circumstances change. Nothing in life is written in stone and we should always never be afraid to make the necessary changes as needed. With that I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

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