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Stumbling is part of the plan. My 100-day challenge.

You will fail and feel discouraged but that does not mean that you should quit. A lot of the times we think that if you decide to commit to a cause, there won’t be times when you will stumble and feel discouraged or even plain feel like quitting. It is all part of the ball game and you are supposed to take it in your stride.

If you have decided just stay on course and keep tweaking your plan until it works for you. This brings me back to the question of whether you should focus on just plain will power or the strength of your decision making. I believe the two are different and I talk about it in a little more detail in here. Will power is a depletable resource but decision making lasts a life time. (Sounds like a topic I should do some research on more.)

Today is the 7th day of my one-hundred-day challenge and I promised to write a weekly blog every Sunday or Monday to share how the challenge is going and the areas that I’m struggling in. Yes, I have stumbled on a couple of issues but like I said earlier, I decided and I’m sticking to it. I have occasionally put sugar in my drink when I shouldn’t, drunk a little more soda than I should and sat for longer periods of time in-front of my computer when I should not have. I missed church on Sunday when I could have gone with my family and had a good time. Should I throw in the towel and quit?

I believe that learning where our weak points are and ensuring that we focus more in those areas is crucial for one to be successful in reaching their goals. Not only have I figured out what I need to do to make sure that I don’t stumble again but I’m even stronger in my resolve. Growth is not meant to be easy, it is a journey not an end itself.


OK, I felt a little vulnerable telling you where I have failed, but I have also made a lot of progress in other areas. I have not smoked (6 months now) or touched an alcoholic drink (5 days) and feels great. The thing about sticking to your goals no matter what is, your resilience muscle grows every time you resist to listen to the ever so deafening sound that says you can’t do it.

The benefits of going out and not drinking alcohol are just amazing. You wake up fresh and productive. One thing about hangovers is, they are massive time wasters. Even if you manage to wake up and go to work, you end up being very unproductive at work. I’m a self-employed web-developer and the amount of time I put into doing real client work is proportional to what I earn, so to me time is an indispensable resource. I just can’t afford to sit there and nurse a hangover.

Professionally, I’m making strides and this is because of the direct benefits of the extra time that I have dedicated to the business because I have let go of some things. The work that I do is cognitively exhausting so one needs enough sleep to rest the brain. The exercise also helps; the endorphins flow and energy levels rise thus making you more productive than usual.

I can comfortably say that I’m happy with my progress despite a few setbacks here and there. All I can do is learn from them. As I conclude I ask you my friend to decide and not just rely on depletable will power because the power of decision making is powerful. You can make significant changes in your life that will set you apart from the park.


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  1. Missjauh Missjauh

    Keep on pushing the reward is in the results. Goodluck

    • alex shyaka alex shyaka

      Thanks Jau

  2. Sabiiti Enid Sabiiti Enid

    You should be my mentor would love to take that journey.This is awesome. Don’t give up

    • alex shyaka alex shyaka

      Enid. I’m humbled

  3. Inspirational practical advise. The “resilience muscle” wow!

    • alex shyaka alex shyaka

      Yes we have to keep that muscle busy

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