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My 100 day challenge

I recently started a 100 day challenge that involves coding, exercising,eating better, blogging atleast once a week, improving my relationship with my mum and friends. Generally transforming into a better person.

I don’t expect it to be easy but I have made a decision and that’s a good start. I once read some where that making a decision beats will power because will power has an expiry date. Once you make a decision you take away the need to depend on depletable will power.
Yes a decision has been made and I intend on making it work.
The 100 day challenge was started by  Alexander Kallaway (read about it here) though it is computer programming  related, I have tweaked it to make add a few more challenges that I intend on making work.

To add more meat to the aforementioned challenges, I’m on day three of waking up at 4 am to code read or write, generally improve my cognitive abilities and improve my technical abilities as far as work is concerned. I walk from work atleast 3 days a week,that’s about a 45 minute walk and it’d already feeling good. I will only have  two meals a day and drink lots of water, quit sugar and alcohol. I already kicked a 20 year old smoking habit (5 months in and I’m loving it.); probably my biggest achievement this year.

Man Climbing a cliff

The power of a little exercise is amazing however small. Just a few days it was hard to get out of bed, but just 3 days in and I wake up with a spring,  I comprehend technical issues better and I’m definitely more alert and the endorphins are flowing like crazy.

I attended a service on Sunday by Andrew Womack,an American evangelist at my local amazing church: worship harvest.  He talked about being able to comprehend and visualize on the inside what you want to be and starting to see yourself there before you achieve it. The service really cemented in my mind where I want to take this challenge and I can already visualize myself in a better position technically, physically, relationship wise with family etc.

I run a business called Therailsshop and we are into training the young to develop their technical aptitude through learning how to code computers at a young age. I also run a web development consultancy within it. As I grow through this challenge I already envision myself spreading my freecodecamp sessions(ask to join here) in schools and neighborhoods around the country. Through my holiday coding sessions with 11+ year olds, I already see the company making great strides to introduce the power of coding literacy in the minds of the young and naturing a generation of Ugandans that will compete at a global level for international tech jobs in silicon valley.


The 100 day challenge is not some fantasy challenge but I believe it is a way to reset your life and re-energize your efforts. Sometimes we go through life not really being consciuos about our daily decisions we make that eventually build up to determine the direction our life takes. Being able to stop from the daily grind and the rat race and step back is very important. It helps you re-position yourself to focus more on what really matters. I hope you can step back and have an honest look at yourself, it does not matter how you do it but just do it. I plan to keep blogging about this challenge on a weekly basis so please check out this space.



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  1. I’m lifted by your words. Mine will be a lifetime challenge to never get a hangover from alcohol consumption, to always walk 5000 steps and more a day, to love(actively) my family and friends and spearhead the integration of ICTs in primary school children of Uganda.

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