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Why can’t I get myself to focus?

There is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness that engulfs your soul when you spend most of your day never focussing on something and instead moving from task to task.

Every bit of my being tells me that focus is the mother of productivity but I can’t seem to grasp it and put it to practice. How do I learn to focus and see things to their desired conclusion?

Am I alone in this self-debilitating habit that never seems to go away and instead chops away at my finite most valuable resource called time?

Do I need to seek some sort of therapy that can help me learn to get this monkey off my back? How does everyone who seems to focus on one thing do it?

In a sea of distractions that keep humming away at us all day through our mobile phones, TVs, social media platforms and all manner of other time stealing indulgencies, how does one free themselves of the bondage of lack of focus.

In the quest to build a successful and sustainable business that can stand the test of time one needs to focus on one thing and be good at it lest you remain in the doldrums of mediocrity.

In our Ugandan context, start-up owners lacking in capital to hire talent leaves the owners no choice but to pretty much do everything themselves. In my opinion, that is one of the reasons why most fail because the lack of focus is reflected in the quality of the product. Having specialized teams where each team is focussed and accountable for a specific task is a great recipe for quality work.

As a start-up owner, you need to be flexible enough to give up equity for specialized quality human resource. Start-ups lacking in capital are awash with equity to give to potential partners who add value by offering their skill to move the business forward. As the owner, you need to be able to convince potential talent that your idea is worth spending sleepless nights on with little or no pay at all.

By nature, human beings produce better results when they focus. We are not naturally good multi taskers and the better we realize it the better. People take pride in saying they are very busy all the time but that should not be the measure of productivity. Working smart is especially more crucial now because results are the ones that will make an impact on the bottom line.

Block out the noise and keep your promise to yourself. Don’t allow to be derailed by trivial non-issues. Remember to put in the time and focus on that one thing you have set out to do this year. Keep moving the needle and don’t stop.


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